Dragon-Phoenix Bracelet

Materials24K Gold

In the last century all powerful and wealthy families, especially those in Hong Kong, kept a dragon-phoenix bracelet “at the bottom of the safe” in their homes. Whether it was a daughter getting married or a son bringing a wife into the family, the dragon-phoenix bracelet was an indispensable part of the dowry. A woman’s personal worth promptly increased as soon as she wore this bracelet. Thousands of dragon-phoenix bracelets were used as traditional bearers of continuity and affection within families for generations. Very few people know that the majority of these dragon-phoenix bracelets are handcrafted by Lao Feng Xiang craftsmen. The detailing is so fine and intricate that even the hollow effects on the clouds are illustrated. Their exquisite craftsmanship exhausts one’s power of compliment. Every whisker on the dragon or feather on the phoenix is visible on the bracelet. The bracelet is small in thickness and appears to weigh only fifty to sixty grams, bearing full witness to the skills of the master craftsman.