Necklaces & Pendants

Sweet Olives Bloom

Materials18K Gold & Diamonds

Sweet olives bloom in unison and infuse the garden with alluring fragrance; their richness and elegance celebrating a woman’s beauty. Everyone knows that diamonds are rare. It takes approximately 250 tons of processed ores to procure one ordinary carat of polished diamonds. Those that meet the high quality VVS1 E color standards and are cut into 3EX one carat [or more] are even more rare and exquisite. The 61 diamonds used in this 18K gold and diamond set are all one carat and over, weighing 61.92 carats in total. Their color and purity are all ranked amongst the finest; each diamond is a one-in-ten-thousand find.

This ensemble uses the latest beehive molding and 3D fitting technology, highlighting its intricate and delicate appearance. It brings out the aesthetic effects of its gorgeous material and skillful workmanship. Each piece comes with an authorized international certificate of authenticity. This priceless treasure is impressive in grandeur and dazzling to behold.