Antique-style Teapot

Materials24K Gold & Mahogany

Antique-style teapot with tortoise lid, dragon grip and mandarin duck hoop-handle.

The elegant mandarin duck-shaped teapot body sits atop a decorative mahogany base with upward looping feet. The inner lip contains a hole enabling the passage of water through the dragon’s mouth which overarches the neck region and is exquisitely crafted into a hoop-handle. The lower region is ornately crafted into feather patterns of a mandarin duck where the tail morphs into the head of a dragon.

This beautiful golden teapot has been crafted using one of the nation’s ethereal cultural heritages: the “gold and silver fretwork” handcrafting technique. The overall design is uniquely nuanced with exquisite and superb chisel-carving craftsmanship.